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With Duke power having their Nuclear Operator - Learner positions advertised, does anybody on here actually work for them at McGuire or Catawba? They post that it is a 7 year progression from NEO to RO to SRO, but they don't say what kind of salary is involved. I know from reading many posts that alot of you say that Duke generally pays less than the rest of the industry. Can someone point me to rough average of where I might start if I would get hired on there? For example, the NEO or is it NOE, 23 to 30, RO 30 to 35, etc.

Also, their posting says it will expire early December for the job listing. Is this the time they will go through the apps and figure out who all they will invite to take the POSS and interview possibly in January? They are stating in the posting that the class will be sometime in March to July of 2010, does this depend on how many people pass the test, interview, background? I mean, if they get enough in January would they start the class early, like in March, or would they wait to get a bigger class. I'm only asking because if I was given the opportunity, would they bring me in and let me start learning the plant and doing small things immediately while trying to fill the rest of the seats, or would they wait to bring everybody in on a Day 1 situation?

Thanks for any info and I would love to hear from anybody that is actually working for Duke right now at one of these plants on matters concerning the job itself and the quality of life working for Duke.

i do not work at Duke but I did interview for that job opening and i was told the starting salary for an Aux NO was $27-$30/hr depending on education and experience.  I was told they were hiring 8 NO learners for Catawba.  Have you applied?  Have you been contacted to interview/take the POSS test?

Anyone else out there go interview at Catawba?



Topped out hourly pay (RO) is about $35-37/hr. Starting pay obviously varies with what you bring to the table, but they want to train you their way, they're not asking for much up front, they do not want people who can come in and go right to the control room. When you get your SRO you get a small raise and after that APA's dictate your raise.

The posting on the DE website never comes down. They take resumes' every day of the year and go through them only when they decide to have a class. I'm sure a huge majority never make it to the interview. They have hired a ton of new NEO/NLO's the past few years.

The quality of life here at Duke is tops (dont tell them I said that) great place to live and raise a family. Pay is relative to cost of living which isn't too bad around here.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk:
I'm apparently one of the poor Schmuckatelli's that applied and has not/will not be invited to test and interview. I've made repeated attempts to contact the HR reps that emailed me, and have  heard nothing back. Is this their standard, or is their silence an exception just  for little ole me?

Rock Chalk

One of my friends is a fully qualified NEO at Oconee (yes i know it is not Catawba or McGuire) but it is Duke power he makes $33/hr. One can go from there.


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