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What's Washington TRU Solutions reputation for quick layoff for VE personnel?

not sure out there but EnergX just hired 9 new NDE Personnel /VE

Just laid-off a bunch of folks at Hanford, I heard some of them had not been employed 90 days yet, and had relocated to WA. I was offered something at Idaho, but scared of them pulling the same trick.

Smart People:
Hanford is still waiting for certification from CCP so there was probably someone who said "Get rid of these extras until we have work to do."

Idaho is steady working on the WIPP project, so it is unlikely. But in this business, nothing is guaranteed.


--- Quote from: techsavvy on Nov 12, 2009, 01:12 ---Just laid-off a bunch of folks at Hanford,
--- End quote ---

From which project/employer????


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