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Anyone know of any Nuc Sites hiring? OPG Bruce etc?


Hi everyone! I am new to the forum! What a wonderful place!

I am currently a contractor with experience in Nuc. Waste Management, Enviro. Qualific., Reactor Safety, Reg Affairs etc .... the list goes on .... former OPG most of my career and contractor for the last 10. My wife can barely stand to put up with me at home so much so i'm looking for work. I've excercised almost every single contact I can think of however, if anyone might have some leads or needs please introduce yourself. And introduce yourself anyway! So glad to be on here!

Have you spoken with CTS or Ian Martin regarding the Bruce site? 

Yes I have,

Apparently what I hear from other Eng's recruiters are having difficulties themselves trying to get internal staff to get moving.

I contacted Ian Martin up there, several times, I am on there roaster, even was about to start a project at OPG but it fell thru, so im not in their bad books ... however not even a returned call.

Majority of my colleagues have said they know there are vacancies, they need people but I have to go thru agencies.

But thanks for the info,im hopeful something will come up :)


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