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--- Quote from: Jack E Schelebo on Mar 22, 2017, 06:55 ---Can anyone tell me about the DOE Core test and the site test at the Idaho Falls National Lab, I have been out of Rad business for almost 3 years and would like to get a honest opinion with what you think about studying and taking the nukeworker practice tests.

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the NUF is worth the time to practice with, I would expect similar results for the DOE Core,...

--- Quote from: Chimera on Mar 27, 2017, 01:45 ---The areas covered by the NUF and DOE Academic Fundamentals exam are quite similar.  DOE has a longer exam.

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I did not think so,....

I last sat for the NUF in 2013 and just took the DOE Core (cold) this past January.

I found the DOE core to be monotonous, I skipped four of the bio half life questions because it was just making my head hurt to keep doing the same, slow, painful, "do it just because the test writers are too lazy" exercises in number crunching,...

since anybody worth their chops just writes a spreadsheet to do the math for themselves anyways,...

fewer ECF from DHT problems,...

I still managed a 92,...


the NUF?!? not so monotonously difficult but much more "interesting" to take than the DOE Core ( I think I scored a 96 on the NUF),...

the DOE Core?!?,..... too long, too monotonous,.... :-\


--- Quote from: ashrum on Dec 14, 2009, 02:35 ---The exam is before the interview. If I pass the exam with 80%, I will have an iterview. If they except me then I will go into the training program.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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You are competing against people who have made a previous career choice to pursue the health physics field and have earned degrees or certificates. If hired you will find that very little of the DOE world translate to normal living.

Jack E Schelebo:
I'm just trying to get back into the business and would like to know anything about the DOE core test and what you think about the practice test on nukeworker compared to the actual test does it help.

I have tried not to answer, because I am biased.  However, I am the resident SME (Subject Mater Expert), so here it goes:

Our Generic Fundamentals (1.1-1.13) sections are equivalent to the DOE version.  As is my RCT Cram notes.

I have started on, but have not released a 2.1-2.19 'site specific' section.  So for now, you are on your own for that portion.

Some smaller sites only give the 1.1-1.13 portion.  The larger sites (INEL) have a very customized version of 2.1-2.19.  At this time, it is beyond my scope and available time to produce a book for each site.

I can get you 50% of the way there, at this time.

I, also, have "very customized" version of 2.1 through 2.19 here in Paducah.  Those Study Guides are for site specific information and may vary considerably between DOE sites.


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