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Working as an RCT and have found myself at the end of my progression professionally. Would like to find a place to work on my degree through an online program. Does anyone know where I might find that kind of thing?


Check with LTC, they advertise here, their program was a big help to me in getting into this business. There are others here who have got their degree through them and perhaps they will post advice as well. Good luck with whomever you choose.

Roll Tide:
Get your NRRPT, and that is worth a year of credit based on ACE recommendations.

Excelsior and Thomas Edison websites have good bachelor's programs, and there are external credits available.

Will check into all of this. Thanks so much for the leads! :)

I'm about to do the LTC thing myself... if you talk to a counselor now, and apply, you could get in by fall semester.  I have an MS already, but I'm doing the LTC thing for more specialized training.  And plus it gives me added time with my company to bump me up past 3yrs.


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