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Anyone got any good connections to where I can pick up some affordable health coverage???

I am sick of switching companies and therefore policies.  Besides the current contractor I work for is not even offering health.

Already Gone:
You might try your local chamber of commerce.  Some of them offer "insurance only" memberships.  Or, you can go to your county clerk, file a business certificate, and join the Chamber as a business member.  This would give you access to their group plans.  They aren't cheap, but they are affordable.  Some of the advantages are:
You can switch employers and not have to go through the waiting periods. 
You can choose a policy with lower copays and deductibles. 
You can stay with one insurer no matter who your employer is with. 
They will be LOCAL to you and your family.

Basically, you'll pay every three months approximately what you pay for your COBRA, but you get a better coverage.
Good luck.  Let me know how this works for you.

Group rates aside, the best I have seen are CornerStone Ins. and Golden Rule Ins.


--- Quote from: Waffleman5000 on Jun 10, 2004, 09:59 ---Anyone got any good connections to where I can pick up some affordable health coverage???

I am sick of switching companies and therefore policies.  Besides the current contractor I work for is not even offering health.

--- End quote ---

you can call blue cross and blue shield(carefirst) directly for independent coverage. I had that coverage for myself and my family for 10 plus years and found it to be affordable and provided great coverage.

Shawnee Man:
Take a look at this Health Care plan (I have no direct ties to this organization):

Family Health helps its members take control of their healthcare costs, while at the same time, improving the quality of healthcare they receive. Family Health accomplishes these goals by cutting out the big insurance companies whenever possible.

For years, insurance companies have sought lower price agreements from doctors, hospitals, and clinics. That means they pay only a fraction of the amount on your bill. To further bolster insurance profits, the insurance companies can influence what procedures the doctor may and may not perform. This third-party insurance company may actually obstruct the effectiveness of your treatment. What if you could get the same discounted prices insurance companies pay while eliminating all third-party interference? Your savings and the quality of healthcare could increase substantially. Family Health has acquired the same types of price agreements the insurance companies have acquired. The Association has done this with a variety of services to accomplish several important goals:

Providing an affordable means of healthcare for those who can't keep up with the increasing health plan costs.
Providing a practical option for people who have no health plan and so are not using the healthcare system.
Protecting the sacred trust between the doctor and patient when determining the course of the patient's care. We eliminate third-party interference when we eliminate the third-party payer.
Encouraging preventative care that will avoid very costly and much more health threatening illnesses.
These principles have guided Family Health in the development of other healthcare benefits as well. Accidental injury protection, accidental death & dismemberment protection, dental, vision, prescription, emergency travel assistance (including air ambulance), hearing, and the 24-hour nurse hotline are all benefits that help to provide Family Health members a very well-rounded healthcare plan to meet their family's needs at a fraction of the cost of insurance.

Family Health utilizes a number of medical networks to bring you the largest network of medical providers in the United States. Family Health's network includes over 500,000 providers. This has allowed our members to access a much larger variety of doctors and specialists at the largest savings.

Unique Plan Features

The Family Health plan has features that set it apart from other types of health plans in America!

Pre-Existing Conditions are OK
You cannot be denied membership based on past health conditions. Even major health problems, such as cancer and diabetes, will not prevent you from becoming a member.

No Health Questions Asked
There is a simple application to fill out with no health questions asked!

Same Low Rate for All
The cost of membership is the same for all and they will not increase based on the seriousness of a health condition. Increases in the cost of membership are only applied to new members, so you don't have to worry about your membership cost increasing for as long as you have your plan.

Extended Benefits
Many insurance plans exclude coverage on physical exams, dental care, well-baby care, dermatology, chiropractic services, or other specialty services. You can use the Family Health Card to receive discounted rates on such excluded services.

Savings are based upon the provider's usual and customary fees. Actual savings will vary depending upon location and specific services or products purchased. The discounts contained herein may not be used in conjunction with any other discount plan or program. All listed or quoted prices are current prices by participating providers and subject to change without notice. Providers are subject to change without notice and benefits and plan designs may vary in some states. Verify a provider's participation in the Plan prior to receiving treatment. Family Health is not a licensed insurer, health maintenance organization, or other underwriter of healthcare services. No portion of any provider's fees will be reimbursed or otherwise paid by Family Health. This contract is not protected by the Utah Life and Health Guaranty Association. The program administrators have no liability for the quality of service rendered by participating providers or for providing or guaranteeing service. At any time, Family Health and its affiliates, have the right to eliminate a Participating Provider from the respective network in which they are associated. Providers or vendors contracted by Family Health or its affiliates are solely responsible for the professional advice and treatment rendered to members, and Family Health and its affiliates disclaim any liability with respect to such matters. Discounts on professional services are not available where prohibited by law.

Thank you for choosing Family Health. We look forward to working for you; we value each and every one of our members.

Family Health is not insurance. Family Health is a non-insurance approach to healthcare

Please note we are trying this out ourselves.


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