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Yes but in the past the courts have routinely ruled a state law in regards to Nuclear Regulation cannot over rule a NRC Rule or activity.

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The legislature voted to prevent the Public Service Board from issuing a Certificate of Public Good - this is one of the steps needed to obtain state final approval of an NRC license extension (which is still pending...)

We are completing another breaker to breaker run, capacity and capability factors are running as good as we have ever had them. The fat lady isn't even warming her voice up yet... :D

But thanks for asking... ;)


--- Quote from: Broadzilla on Mar 09, 2010, 01:27 ---Don't they have a License Extension Application in?

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Vermont is the only state that has given itself the right to deny a utility to use its NRC license.  In essence, they have a law on the books that says the legislature and PSC must approve of the continuing operations of VY. 

Most likely, the NRC will approve the 20 year extension (my opinion based solely on their track record).  Theoretically, Vermont can prevent the continued operation of the plant based on state law regardless of the status of the NRC license extension - which is what this vote was.

As you can imagine, if they attempt to uphold this after the NRC has granted the license renewal, their will be significant challenges as to the legality of the state forcing a plant to close that is in theory regulated by the federal government.  It should get very interesting at the very least.

My point is everytime a State has tried this they've lost in court.

State vs. Fed's...... ::)

--- Quote from: crusemm on Mar 09, 2010, 01:39 ---MONTPELIER - In a rare case of state involvement in nuclear regulation, the Vermont Senate voted 26 to 4 yesterday to block a license extension for the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, citing radioactive leaks, misstatements in testimony by plant officials, and other problems.
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WOW, Vermont actually has a Senate....... :o



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