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    Hello all, What a great site! Just a quick question for you all. I am currently an EM1(SU) (Yes, I haven't qualified subs, got medivaced off the sub before I could finish quals, will get to that later) I am getting ready to be medically retired next month and I am going through the ever infamous job search that we all have to go through at some point in our life. My question is about the industry, the reason I am getting out is that I am being medically retired due to having Hodkin's Lymphoma (cancer). Now, I loved being a nuke. I was advanced to E-6 in under 4 years, SPU, etc... and was getting ready to take over being the LPO on the sub. Now that I am being medically retired, I would still like to work in the industry. You all know, and I know, that the chances of my cancer having been caused by the work are very small (for example, my lifetime exposure was 145 mrem, whereas my radiation treatment was 3.6 Gy which is LOTS more). Is it still possible to have a career in the industry after having had cancer, and if so, what are my options? I am a little "less" qualified as that I didn't get the chance to qualify EWS as I was only on the boat for about a month and a half? I qualified everything else at protoype though. Anyway, any input would be appreciated...thanks.

Roll Tide:
You want advice? You got it.

1. Drop the (SU) designator. Nobody will ever think to ask if you qualified subs.

2. Talk to the VA. See if they consider this a disability of any sort. If they do consider this a disability, you could use this for hiring preference. They probably don't consider it a disability, so never mention it to HR (medical is different, and information given to medical is covered by privacy act requirements).

3. You will be asked why you want to work in commercial nuclear power, but you probably won't be asked why you got out of the Navy. (I always put reason for leaving previous employer "discharge" after the Navy block. It's none of their business if I was kicked out for being fat.........) Getting out of the Navy at the end of the first enlistment (approximately) isn't note-worthy.

4. You will be asked about your qualifications, but you won't be asked whether it was prototype or sub. When asked about EWS, just say you wanted to qualify, but didn't stay in.

5. There are many civilian nukeworkers who have cancer treatments. The only real requirement is to notify medical (and don't wear TLD during treatment!!!) This doesn't disqualify you. Do you now have cancer? That won't disqualify you either, but it could make things more difficult with medical clearances.

6. Keep your chin up. Life goes on, even after leaving the world's finest Navy. You just have to find your new challenge to sink you teeth into. Decide whether you are going to pursue OPS or maintenance, and start your search.

Appreciate it. I am done with treatment now and everything is fine, just getting retired. I appreciate the advice.

What proto were you at and when?

Hi! I am a nuke electrician with almost 10 years in including serving on two subs (one ssn and one ssbn) and a tour of shore duty. I too am being discharge from the Navy and am going through this rigorous job search too so I feel your pain. If you'd like maybe we could keep in touch and help each other out with job opportunities either of us come across. Are you looking for jobs in particular locations. I would prefer Washington or Texas but am open to other possibilities. So far this has been the best web site for nuclear jobs that I have found. I am getting out after my 3rd enlistment because the Navy says I am too fat. Hopefully this will not have an impact on my ability to get a civilian job. One of the biggest problems I am facing right now is that I am stationed in Hawaii and have no leave left to go back to the mainland for interviews. I wish you luck in your job search and hope we can be of help to each other.


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