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Yep-do both...flexibility = no barriers...IMHO

I'll jump on the bandwagon and say do both to allow jumping between career paths.. could keep you from being laid off.

Check utility sites, with your background you should be able to snag a job in the ops department at a nuke ( most x navy go into operations).

the business ( contract DECON, RP and laundry)  is dying slowly,  the wages are basically unchanged from 15 years ago. We are down to 2  contractors Bartlett and atlantic  and its just a matter of time before one of them buys the other.

Most of the NLO jobs are paying $28-32/hr. when fully qualified.  Most of the shift rotations also include some built in overtime and I'm sure you could pick up another day or two also.

NOLXXX -- you were making over $20 an hour and $80 to $100 perdiem 15 years ago? Not bad. I have found the pay and perdiem to be rising, perhaps a little slower than we want, but not stagnating like they did in the 80s. The last few jobs I worked as a tech were $23 to $25 (mostly on the $25 side) and $90 - $100 perdiem. A decent wage when you consider the overtime.

As far as the contract RP business dying, I have to strongly disagree. If you are willing to work there is plenty to do. Yes, the outages are shorter and you have to do a little more planning to get a good year in. But so far, no problems here. And as for the NLO payscale, it seems to match the house HP scale pretty closely... in some plants the HPs get more than the NLOs.

The business is very different than it used to be, but it still provides what a lot of people are looking for.

But, back on topic... I think the MCSA is a great idea, even if you go the nuclear route. There is a lot of opportunity for moving back and forth between disciplines. You might find jobs in one field when the options don't fit your needs in the other.


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