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POSS and interview in same day?

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Cool beans.

I am sure you have found this forum by now, but in case you haven't, there is a section with all kinds of stuff about the POSS.,250.0.html


--- Quote from: GoneFission on Mar 07, 2010, 12:02 ---I apologize if this has been covered, but a search uncovered little in the way of relevant info.

Last week I got an email from a local utility requesting that I call them to schedule POSS testing and an interview for an NLO position.  I was immediately confused for a few reasons.

First, in my past experience, a phone interview is the first step in the selection process.  The first contact I received in this case was to schedule the POSS and interview.

Second, in my limited understanding of the hiring process for ops (gleaned from lurking here), POSS testing comes first, and interviews only after you pass.  This combined schedule seems to go against the norm, though I'm assuming it is for practicality's sake (I said "local" utility, but I'm about 3 hours away and will be overnighting at their expense).

Obviously I'm planning to pass the POSS (have been working through ASVAB practice tests), but in the event I don't, will I be escorted out?  Or will I be allowed to continue on to the scheduled interview? 

Any insight would be appreciated!

--- End quote ---
When I interviewed at Millstone, I did a formal interview and was invited to take the POSS the following week.  After taking the POSS I got a tour of the plant and an informal interview with the Ops Manager.  I received the POSS results in a couple of days and received an offer several weeks later.

Fermi did the POSS test in the morning and graded it as the sections were completed. By afternoon everyone who didn't make the cut were given tickets home, the rest were scheduled for interviews starting the next day.


retired nuke:
Mine wasn't POSS (was Tech), but I tested in the morning, and interviewed that afternoon. Had an offer in a couple of weeks. But that was also about a decade ago....

Good luck, get plenty of rest beforehand - that will be your most important final prep.


 One utility I went and tested for had one group test first and while they were testing the remainder were intreviewing and then flip flopped later.That Utility was Luminant.Hope this helps ;you only have to remember Nuclear is different;some utilities take that to the extreme.


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