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Tim Huff, RPT from Maine has recently taken ill and needs our prayers and support.  Tim is currently at Maine Medical Center in Portland and has a long tough road ahead for him. Tim has been hospitalized since early February and did not have health insurance at the time he fell ill. Timmy has helped many of his friends in their hard times and now he needs our help. Please pray for Tim and his family.  He has made some improvement but is not out of the woods yet. He is slowly awakening from a coma and is on a ventilator and dialysis and they still have to perform a test to see if any brain damage has occurred. Tim is a fighter and we all hope and pray for a speedy recovery. Thank You all for your thoughts and prayers.

Donations can be sent to:

209 Gibbs Road
Wiscasset, ME 04578

I am also from Maine and worked 6 outages there and part of the decommissioning.  I have Tim and his great family in my prayers.  Sending a check today.  Fellow techs it is outage season so open those wallets.  Any of us could have this happen.

I hate hearing that Tim is in his current state. I worked with Tim on many jobs at Plum Brook and I found him to be a very fun and caring person, he's got a great family that we all need to pray for and with.

As techtoolong stated we all can give some to help a great tech. and great family.

The Huffs will be in my thoughts and prayers. I know everybody at Plum Brook is concerned and praying for him.


Hello all, here is an update on Tim's progress. I just spoke to Alicia and she said he is a little more alert and they have him sitting up everyday and he's beginning to look around and even trying to speak.  He smiles when she enters the room and he got to see his son a few days ago. I am going up on Saturday to see him and I will update on Sunday.  Thanks you all for the support and prayers, they are working, keep it up. Dori

 Worked with Tim last at the Harris SGR and Alicia at IP2 SGR. Have missed them on the road in recent years.
All my prayers are with them and a small donation is in the mail. Sorry can't do more.


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