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Tim Huff

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Any good news is is greaet news,, Dori you used to work with him side by side by him just like me,,, Him and his wife are great folks

Me and Jen Send all our love..

Kevin & Jen

Hello all,
I just worked with Tim at Cooper. He told me about a snake that got into his room and scared the crap out of him. He had me in tears I was laughing that hard. Tim if you read this I want to tell you you're in my prayers buddy. God bless you and watch over you. Speedy recovery buddy, see you on the road someday again soon. Warren G.

We just work with tim at cooper he looked great.
Can anybody out there tell me what happen to him?
We have been friends with him for over 15 yrs are hearts and prayers go out to him and his family.
Get well soon buddy we want to see you again on the road with us.

How is Tim doing?  Has anyone heard?  He continues to be in my prayers.

Tim,I will be praying for you and your family for your speedy recovery. Tim if you read this, You are a strong minded and a strong will person. This is only a test, I have the faith that you will pass this test.God will never forsake you and your family. Faith just beginning, look to the kingdom not religion, Jesus is the Kingdom, My Prayers are with you.
                                                                   Sandra Holliday


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