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Every thing here at SRS begins with some statement about safety. Its cliche to say safety is job one. Regardless, it is a thing to be taken seriously wether you buy into formalized plans like BBS. Behavior based safety, in which you observe your coworkers and ask them about the job ,possible consequences,etc, then write up your observation to data base from which many different conclusions are made. I personally do not like the bbs system. Step away from me quick the lightning is about to strike. I think most observations are worthless and done just to get the numbers up and to get your name on the posters so the boss can see. I have put it to the test and found management sadly lacking. There must be some value to it other than doe likes it. What I do like, and here,you can hear the murmur of the vast multitude quieting down so they can have my opinion,( that is self deprecation if you must know)  is the intigrated safety management system (isms). First you define the scope of work, then identify the hazards,plan the work,do the work, and then feed back. This is intirely logical. But it all comes and goes. The weakest part is the feed back. This never seems to get done. And at times the worker is cut out of the loop. At that point it becomes useless. So,here it is SAFETY,SAFETY,SAFETY, when talked about or written, but when it comes to the doing, it fluctuates, the watch goes to sleep or out for a smoke. Outside of personal integrity what can be done? How are things where you work? MH

No takers on BBS? Is anyone else doing this at your site? What do you think about it?


--- Quote from: mostlyharmless on Mar 26, 2010, 09:06 ---No takers on BBS? Is anyone else doing this at your site? What do you think about it?

--- End quote ---

Like what? The 24 hour safety culture, or ISMS (Integrated Safety Management Systems). Pick one there have been many, they are about as tired as the mirrors that say "This is who is responsible for your safety". These programs all have the same goal with different approaches.

mostlyharmless: try this site for an into to BBS.

BBS does not look like a usable system, it looks like a guide to develop one. I see components that fit into DOE ISMS. I also see that BBS is one of many tabs on their Psychology departments behavioral studies menu. It would seem that it would apply as much as the broken windows theory applies to law enforcement.


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