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Down in a Hole


A rabbit running through the forest stumbles upon a deer rolling a joint. The rabbit says, “Don’t do that. Come running with me. It’s much more fun!” The deer takes off with the rabbit.

They come across an elephant doing coke. “Come running with us, elephant,” says the rabbit. “You’ll feel so good!” The elephant decides to join in the fun. The animals encounter a lion about to shoot up. Before the rabbit can say anything, the lion knocks it unconscious.

The deer screams, “Lion, what are you doing? He’s trying to help us!” The lion answers, “The fucker makes me run around the forest like an idiot every time he takes Ecstasy!”

A rabbi, a prostitue, and an iron worker looking for work go into a bar..... Wait this belongs under religion, no bathroom wall, no wait, craft? Ahhhhhh! I give up! Just kiddin, Thanks Mike for re formatting the table.


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