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Does SONGS pay for relocation?


I just accepted an ANPEO job at SONGS from a different nuke plant and was wondering if anyone had any insight into whether they will pay for my relocation or not.  My current company paid for my move out there.  Any advice or experience with this would be appreciated.

I know some people there. Only paid moves in rare exceptions. Generally no.

I asked in my interview last year that very same question.  Their reply was 'no'.  With the California unemployment rate around 12%, I'm sure they get an abundance of qualified people.  Why should they pay to have someone from out of state work there when they can find a dozen locals to take the same position? 

Celebrate getting the position.  Hopefully, the next time I apply there, I'll be successful and I'll be able to leave this forsaken part of the country and move back home.


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