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Does anybody know where I could purchase a copy of the 2nd edition Radiological Health Handbook?

I have a copy of the new "3rd. edition" book that I needed for school (a $120 paper weight), but the second edition book has a lot more detailed nuclide info and the nice isotope data tables sorted by various parameters.

I've seen plenty of people with their own dog eared copies that are 10-20 years old, but can't seem to find it in print or even in a digital format that I could print out and bind myself.

Thank you!

they are very very valuable.  i have 3 and wouldnt sell one for $100.  you might be able to xerox one which wouldnt cost too much.  they are out or print and i understand someowns the copyright now to those.  (the pink book people)


Scinta Incorporated.
2421 Homestead Dve
Silver Spring Md 20902

fax: 1 301 593 1018
Voice: 301-593-9478

i think he is talking about "the pink book" the one u listed- he wants the DHEW 1970 version (white or blue) which the pink book is a shadow copy of.

Correct...I've already got the thick, blue hardcover edition that is successor to the Scinta book. The "pink book" is what I'd like to get my hands on, circa 1970 from the US Government Printing Office, which no longer lists it.

Government published material is in the public domain, so I would be more than happy to pay somebody for the copying, postage, and their time if I could get one somewhere.



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