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RP Instructor:
Santee Cooper was looking to sell their 45% interest in Units 2 and 3. Duke might just be a suitor.

Anything new about the new units? They hiring welders yet?

I would check the website for job opportunities.

As far as welders, we are not hiring any maintenance type personnel at this time.  Looking at going on-line sometime in 2016, if I recall correctly, for Unit 2.

Shaw is the construction company building the new units.  THEY may be hiring construction welders, but again, I'm not sure.

Best of luck to ya :)

Anything new on the new plants? Say potential hiring dates for in-house operations/RP?

I've heard rumors they were supposed to start hiring RP this coming spring, but then the start-ups got pushed back. Didn't know if that pushed back hiring.

Anyone out there with an inside scoop?

As far as has been communicated to us, we will continue posting positions for Maintenance, Operators, Technical (Chemistry and maybe HP), and Security in the coming year.

No specifics on numbers or anything like that.

Keep checking the corporate site.


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