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--- Quote from: richardm82 on Jun 21, 2010, 12:54 ---Although I do get out this October I am hoping to take a few months off so my girlfriend and I can do some traveling, that is part of the reason why I find this job so desirable.
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When you factor in Co60Slr's excellent timeline plus your traveling (lucky guy! :) ) means you'll probably look at a 2012 opening, sooner would entail the NLO-at-first route IMHO

--- Quote from: richardm82 on Jun 21, 2010, 12:54 ---I was only qualified as EWS onboard my sub for a little over a year, and have been on shore duty for almost 3 years after that. Does this count as holding the qual for >2 years even if it wasn't being applied?
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I took my first really hot swipe in 1989, it doesn't make me a 20+ year 3.1 rad tech. Getting caught in a confabulation/embellishment like that anywhere in the hiring process is a short trip to permanent roundfile.

--- Quote from: richardm82 on Jun 21, 2010, 12:54 ---I am originally from California and currently live in Hawaii so the cost of living in the SLO area is actually less than I'm used to. I have been looking at the Arroyo Grande area which seems to be fairly well priced for the area.

Another question: I typically like to commute to work on my bicycle so Arroyo Grande would be in the range for that but would the roads there support this and what about riding onsite, is that allowed?

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Unless you were Lance Armstrong's pace trainer, that is an implausible and very sweaty bike commute ( looking at the map shows ~20 miles from Arroyo Grande ). I agree with SunDog that you would still be riding in a carbon-spewing vehicle either way.

There is one guy who rides his bike to the access road gate everyday a far distance.  Everyone talks about him like he is some sorta freak.  More power to ya if you can do it.  But I'm not sure how far he rides.  Some people live in los osos, there are some issues there though concerning sewage planning.  Quite a few people live up in Atascadero - Paso Robles area  due to cost of living issues.  Plan on spending mucho $$$ for a small house.  350K for a small shoebox.  That is why I wouldn't go there full time.  I was watching a buddy of mine who is full time there try to find a decent house for under 350.  It was hard, but I guess it depends on your def. of decent house and how far you are willing to drive.  Issues I decided not to deal with.  Good luck.


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