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Baddest B Nukey Mutation Movies

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I'll start this one with one called "Matinee" starring John Goodman.  The place was in Key West during the Cuban Missle crisis and all the kiddies were waiting for the release of "MANT", the movie.

The premise of the movie was a man's hideous transformation following a routine visit to the dentist for x-Rays.  An ant crossed the lens causing the mutation, so the movie goes.

Memorable lines include,

MANT:  Hey, Honey.  This ain't no picnic for me!  Get it?  Ants.  Picnics.  What?  Am I talking in tongues?

Her: I wish you'd remember the sensitive, loving man you were and put the insect aside."
MANT:  Insecticide? Insecticide?  Where? Where?

Dentist:  You see Miss, this all happened as a result of your husband receiving routine x-Rays, which are measured in units of Roentgen.

"The Monster from Green Hell" [1958]  - About an experimental rocket containing radioactive materials that crashes in Africa spreading contamination all over heck and gone and creating giant killer wasps who then proceed to run amok.  Bet I had to take my kid brother to that one at least 5 times. ::)

Didn't James Arness play the FBI agent in "Them" - seems I remember something about thefts of large amounts of sugar and unexplained puddles of formic acid. Duh!

And then there was "Threads" - Bristish movie from the same era - about people after a nuclear war all zombied out and living in underground caves.

Let us not forget the most favorite of them all. "The Being". About a monster that lived in a Nuclear Waste dump beheading all who dared to enter. Thank goodness for Mortimer who killed the monster with an ax. For more info go to

;D ;D ;D

zerosmom, you are correct about James Arness.  Don't forget about Ed Gwenn (Santa, the one and truly only santa clause, without a beard in this one), Leonard Nimoy and Fess Parker.

Rain Man:
Anything by Toho Films...purveyors of fine "B" flicks with the likes of Godzilla, Gammera, Mothra, etc.  Who needs Star Wars FX when you can get a guy in a big rubber monster suit (watch close sometimes you can see the zipper).


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