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Me and my wife just got exceped to work at the Paducah plant as Sr. RCTs. Im just looking for alittle heads up on the goods and bads of this plant. We have both been at K-25, X-10 and Y-12 in Oak Ridge for the last 10 Years. So anyone that has been there or is still there could give us alittle info it would be greatly appreated. Thanks again

That depends, whom where you hire by? There are different contractors doing different things

we are coming in with Bartlett

There are four different companies working at the Paducah site. Three are DOE contractors doing infrastructure, environmental remediation and depleted uranium conversion. The fourth is a private company that leases the enrichment facility from DOE.

If you are coming with Bartlett, you are likely going to work for USEC. At USEC, techs are referred to as "Health Physics Techs". The ones working for the DOE contractors are called "Radiological Control Techs". It is essentially the same job, just different labels.

I am new to this board, but if it has a pm option, send me a note. I will be happy to help you in any way that I can.

That would be great, We are kind of going in blind.


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