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User name/password problem


User name/password problem:

If you are having a problem with your User name/password, you are probably trying to either login to the forum with your jobboard User name/password or you are trying to login to the jobboard with your forum User name/password.

The two systems are NOT connected at this time.

For User name/password problems with the forum/messageboard, follow this link:

For User name/password problems with the jobboard, follow this link:


If you can remember the email address you used to register in the forum, and your password, but not your user name.  Don't worry, you can use EITHER your user name OR email address to log in to the forum.  When it asks for user name, just typ in what you remember, it's that simple.

Can't remember your password, but you do remember your user name or your email address used to register?  Use the link above to get your password:

so i just signed up and was sent my email to "activate" my account. problem is i dont see where i put my activatation code? in the password slot as ive allready done?

second, what does smf mean (that i also got in my first email from nukeworker)?

1)  If you click on the link, it will activate the account, nothing more required. (You would not be able to post if you were not already activated and logged in)

2) SMF is the name of the forum software, it stands for Simple Machines Forum.


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