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Anyone notice the new job posting by i3?  It's at Duane Arnold.

"Nuclear EngineerĀ» HP Techs 3.1 and 18.1  by i3 Inc. Aug 31"

Already Gone:
Well, at least they are posting jobs here.  I figured they would come around to using "other website" eventually.

Here is an update for you guys.  I just got off the phone with Kelly at i3.  They bid on the Duane Arnold job without the union.  They have nuclear experience in Canada, and they are looking to leverage that experience in the good ol' USA.

When I asked her about the NPUA, Kelly was very professional, and simply said something about their lack of representation at some important meeting i3 had.

Kelly sounds like a very nice, knowledgeable, and professional person.  She said that even though they are no longer affiliated with the NPUA, i3 is still committed to treating the technicians right, to include pay.  Kelly understood that it is a low profit market, and was still interested in giving the utilities an additional choice in vendors.

Mike McFarlin:
Just finished working for this poor excuse of a company; probably the worst company I have EVER worked for. Was promised certain wages, till first check was direct deposited. Took over a month to get a check stub and when it arrived it said one figure was deposited , when actually it was 100 bucks less.  Finally got my check stubs, but they are so confusing its hard to tell what deductions/dues were actually removed.
Also, NPUA has aligned themselves with this "company", and they were no help in rectifying these problems. I'm sorry Kevin, but companies like this make a union very difficult for the hard working techs to embrace. When problems are not solved or even attempted to be explained, I see why a negative cloud shrouds the posibility of a unified union.
And Mike, they sound really professional on the phone, but you should hear the conversation after they take 10% of you salary plus union dues from your check and can't even show it on a check stub and you try to get some explanation.
I'm sorry for the thumbs down for these folks, but by God they deserve it! Any questions, PM me or call me!

Mike McFarlin:
Still waiting for I3 or NPUA to refund the 3 bucks an hour they withheld at Vogtle.


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