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You've been together HOW long?

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Camella Black:
This question has been asked of Henry and I on and off for the past several years. Seems we're beating the odds as we've almost made it to 25 years together. I was curious to how many more of you have made a go at a life on the road and kept your partnership together.

Walt Harris:
21 years and counting!

Got "hitched" 2 months after hitting the road in 1983.

Like I heard someone on the radio say .... "Divorce has never been an option, .... though on occasion MURDER has come to mind ....."

Truth is, there is probably no one else on the face of the earth that would put up with me.

23yrs.....Can't see putting another poor woman through retraining me.

Camella Black:
Karma to both Marlin and wootler for sticking with it.

23 plus years. I have to agree with Marlin on the retraining part.


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