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You've been together HOW long?

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Unlike the rest of you, we have made it 6 years and counting. Congrats to all 20+ year couples! In this day and age it is making a statement to commitment to stay married over 10 years!
Update...We were Jr. High sweethearts and apart for 26 years before finding each other again and then deciding to marry...what an amazing world we live in! Karma to everyone!

Showme T. Money:
been together for 6 yrs, getting married this month

Me and ratwife have been married over 25 years now  :P , I got married after getting out of the Navy (nuke subs) during my first commercial outage. We traveled together for many years until the rug-rats got old enough for school, then ratwife nested and I went out on outages. I got one in College now and one just turning 16. We are working on getting darkson a truck (I introduced him to the wonders of Bondo).

Camella Black:
Congrats! Just wait until darkson is out of house too, then you and ratwife can go back to traveling together. Thats what hubby and I do, of course I go back and forth home cause they (the kids) just can't seem to do without momma.

It has been a great 24 years and 8 months today. hope to see you soon. Love you Henry


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