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Duke Nuker:
Started by request

Thanks guys.  That would have been my request.  Just curious as to what the place is like to work at.  I've checked the area out and it's decent.  Any info or
comments would be appreciated.  Thanks.

The area is really nice, and you're close to water activities on the lake and forest/mountain activities in the Wasatch Front, if that's your thing. Obviously, in the desert. Tooele is a nice, small town and housing is cheap (new 3 bd, 2ba houses can be had for $80k).

Downside: It's desert for several miles around, and it's 50% LDS (Mormon), so you get weird looks when you buy your beer at the grocer. :)

People I've talked to say it's a good place to work, and the Assistant RSO seems like a good guy.


I've heard both good and bad about the place.  The biggest complaint I've heard is about the pay.  Any info on that subject?

envirocare is a good place to work if you do not mind extreme hot and cold, an hour drive to and from work, and surveying the same railcar over and over. it is pretty relaxed and most people are friendly. the decon crew is 85%  ex-cons, which makes up the largest work group. they were paying 17.00 an hour for juniors. 24.50 for seniors  plus full bennys including a ride to work. of course that was with the last rso( did I mention they go through RSO's like every month or two?).   besides the mind numbing work and frequent schedule changes, its not bad. utah is beautiful, with plenty of stuff to do in your time off.


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