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My first outage...Any advice?

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I've decided to try hitting the outage trail this fall. I got into Catawba as a deconner.

Any advice/tips/tricks/hints for what to bring, how to travel, and how to live so I can maximize the per diem that stays in the bank?


Camella Black:
Ok all you old timers don't miss your chance to give someone some advice. Lets help Jassen out and give him some pointers, ok?

Although I am just a nukewife, I have been traveling for almost 30 years with the nuclear business. If you live within a days drive, leave it unless you really need it.

Driving is the prefered travel, and as far as living arrangements you may want to check out the poll section, I believe there are some answers there. Some people use campers, others rent apartments or stay in hotels. I will check with my husband and give you some names. You may also want to check out the lodging info for Catawba.

Check with your site coord to see if anyone needs a room mate.
Good luck. My son just started his first job issuing resp. at CY this summer, its good to see the next generation come along.

Don't roll into town with $0.00 in your pocket!

Don't eat out of Dumpsters!

Make sure, whoever takes you under their wing, is wearing deodorent!

Don't drink, play pool, or play cards with techs who go by two initials!

$8.00/hr at Mc Donalds near the house, is better than $8.00/hr and $80.00 a day on the road!

Be your next job!

You are a commodity, use them and loose them!  Always remember this one!


--- Quote from: RAD-GHOST on Jul 27, 2004, 03:19 ---!

Don't drink, play pool, or play cards with techs who go by two initials!

--- End quote ---
That advice is priceless. 

i'll second that one!
And don't fall for, "come here kid, we'll teach ya how to play!"
you'll be out your diem in no time!


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