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REM-500 Neutron Survey Meter (FarWest Technology)

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RP Instructor:

I'm in need of some input on the REM-500 Neutron Survey Meter from folks that have used the instrument. The type of input I'm looking for is:
a. What did you think of the instrument?
b. What are the "pros" and "cons" of the instrument?
c. How would you compare it to the REM-Ball?

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.

Shawnee Man:
Here are some of the obvious:


1) Light weight.
2) Has self source check.
3) Compact.


1) I always liked to see a needle responding to an increase than a digital readout.
2) Rem 500 will not help you to get big muscles!


1) I have never used at power plant only at DOE facility. I know that the rem balls worked fine when I used them at the power plants.
2) Costs: I have not compared the two.

I hope this helps alittle.

Summer School Teacher,

Be sure that the Neutron Detection device will cover the Neutron Energy Spectrum specified by your facility.

Have an Awesome Week,


retired nuke:
The REM500 is better than the RemBall for detecting neutron streaming thru bioshields at BWRs. They are a helluvalot lighter, and once you get used to the display, are real comfortable to use.

They are light weight and the digital display automatically switches range. But they cost 3 to 4 times what a rem ball costs.

They do have an attached source (Cm-244 alpha, about 1 microCurie) which checks the energy calibration of the unit. the meter basically is a neutron spectroscopy unit, it catagorizes each neutron event by energy and applies the appropriate quality factor.

The problem with the attached source is that it is a source, so the whole unit has to be controlled as radioactive material.

I have only used them at DOE non-reactor facilities and with the number and types of surveys we have done a rem ball would have been just as good and saved alot of money. BUT if you are doing a lot of surveys and/or having to hold the unit in various positions for extended times (like shield surveys) then the REM 500 may be worth the extra cost.


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