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--- Quote from: Broadzilla on Oct 27, 2010, 12:48 ---How far is South Bend?

I looked at the map, no directions from Southbend and coincidentally none of the roads from SW M ichigan rEgional are on that map!

--- End quote ---

Ok snowflake...

Mapquest yielded the following:


looks to be about 35 miles give or take.

Roll Tide:
Puddle-jumper to South Bend? No way.

Detroit (Wayne) is the way to go. 200 miles away.

Yep I saw that on Yaho Maps! Thanks!

I've done the I 94 Cross State Drive. No thanks!

DC Cook is my home plant. South Bend is the closest, its about a 40 minute drive to the plant, but then again I know I all the back roads, its still not a bad drive, and I think you will like the area for the most part.


--- Quote from: HydroDave63 on Oct 27, 2010, 12:52 ---Ok snowflake...

--- End quote ---

Love it.

DC Cook is also my home plant.  South Bend 'might' be the closest as the crow flies.  But the drive is a royal pain in the ass.  I prefer to fly in/out of KZO Kalamazoo, MI.  Its a fast easy, straight shot down I-94 to the plant and local lodging.  Other Options include Grand Rapids.  -- Do not attempt to fly into/out of the 'Benton Harbor Regional Airport'.  That's basically just a place for the Whirlpool private jet to use.


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