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Rock Chalk Jayhawk:
I took the POSS today and did my interview for NPOIT at plant Hatch today!  I feel pretty confident about my performance on the test, and the interview seemed to go very well also!  I'm maintaining the job search, but am quite optimistic about Hatch.  It's one plant in a location I actually have some ties to.  I'll be sure to post the results as I get them.  Seeing as how yesterday was day one of my separation leave, being hired by SNC and starting for them in January (hypothetical scenario from the interview) would be optimal. 

One question, though:  immediately after my interview, they had someone come show me to the simulator; is this a positive indicator, or should I not read anything into it? 

Thanks to everyone for your help!   [thanks]

Laundry Man:
Don't think that they would have wasted the time if you didn't do well.  This is only from a long time not whiney RP now a QA Manager. Hope it goes well and Baxley is where you want to be. Paula Deen's is just down the road in Savannah.
Best of luck,

Good luck and keep us posted!


To each his own I guess.


Rock Chalk Jayhawk:

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To each his own I guess.


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First of all,

Thank you Justin and LM...  I'd also like to state that YES, I know that there are those in the industry that wouldn"t DREAM of "settling" for a wage of peanuts offered by SNC.  I've tried to get in with TVA, Duke, and Entergy.  The only one of those I could actually talk to was Entergy, and they wanted me for an AO position but had no openings.  At this point, I'm thankful to have a job (possibly) waiting for me so I don't have to re-enlist.  Bradley Morris got me the interview w/Entergy, but the only offer I've been able to get with their help was a Mobile Calibration Tech position for 41,500...3 weeks of travel, 2 weeks thanks, I'd rather reenlist.  Thank you for the attempted heads-up, Jason, but I've read that posting, and as a father I'm not willing to gamble with my family's future by waiting for Bradley Morris to come through or for another utility in the Southeast to contact me out of their good graces.  SNC isn't the only entity out to make a buck-I am too.  Problem is, I can't make any money being unemployed.  ;)

Thanks again, all...I'll keep you posted!


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