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Sorry MetalMan, I must disagree.  There is only one passing point for the exam, and the passing point is the same for every candidate regardless of your area of "expertise" or employment.  Each candidate has the same exact test.

dont worry amy u will do ok! remember some basic test rules and u will get a higher grade.

dont study the day before-this is when leaning in the brain seems to occur-not doing anything complex before the test allow you to "unstress" a little, eat a protien based breakfast-not too many fats or carbs.  dont smoke cigs if possible-lowers 02 to the brain.  30 minutes before drink a high caffein sugar drink-this is known to raise your IQ 1 or 2 points on a temp basis. eat a little food like a payday candy bar before the test. this will hold u through the test some and control the sugar burst from the drink. during the test chew gum-this is a well known technique among high stress performance jobs-test pilots- its seems to take some stress away and actually has been shown to activate the left brain to some extent.  go through and look at all the test questions dont stop on any just look at all. then go back and answer the easy ones first-save the really complex to last. to often students will get hung up on a complex question with low point value and not get to the simple questions with the same point value.  i always use this and it has worked reallllllllly well for me and others.  

I wanted to see if anyone had anything good or bad to say about the $85 NRRPT practice cd that is advertised on this website.  I am trying to prepare, and don't want to waste money.

I found it very helpful.  The best part of it for me was getting used to reading and answering multiple choice questions.  It also has a feature so can randomly generate multiple versions of the test, and even print them so you can take practice test both on the computer and on paper.

I didn't pass but I am using the CD to help me study for the retake


You must be prepared to answer 1500 questions to pass the 150 question exam. It is designed this way on purpose. If you do your homework you will feel cheated afterwards. You will say "I studied so hard in this area and there was only 2 questions on the subject". This is the whole idea. Study and study some more. There has been some good information provided and some fiction too. A 70% is considered a passing grade. Power-plant experience will give you an advantage since approximately 60% questions are in their house, but the exam grade is the same for all. Each exam is created from their exam bank, but percentages generally run true. Bone up on unique questions such as purpose of hot cell and acceptable procedure for processing biological items ( dog dies after nuclear experiment type stuff), you are a nurse who drops a vial of Tc99, what is your initial response. Good Luck.


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