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Slo-Glo, to answer your question... there quite a few things that an RP can do at the hospital.  Currently, I'm handling all of the radioactive materials functions for the dept.  Shipping, disposal (Rad and Mixed), calibration, X-Ray machine QC's, and stuff like that.  Didn't NEED to take the NRRPT, but it was one of those things that I felt I needed to move into the next phase of my professional development.  So, next up will be things like Laser safety officer, CHP, and maybe RSO.

I'm done with drywells and containment.  Onto the next phase.

understood. no more chutes n ladders. good too here the moving on. thinking that rso could be done wit just the nrrpt. butt, whaddya eye no,?😉

Is anyone else waiting for their Aug 2022 Exam results? That exam was something, I definitely learned a lot preparing for it. I'm hoping for the best!


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