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DOE/ National Lab Slogans....


Adding these to outage slogans just didn't seem right sooo.....Some DOE/National lab potential T-shirts.....

"PNNL. Solving today's problems with yesterday's technology, tomorrow!!!!"

"It may not work, But it sure is clean!!!!"

"What's a little Plutonium among friends"

"We be Jammin'" (showing a jar of radioactive mulberry jam that some environmentalist made out at the Lazy H)

There was also one depicting the fruit fly incident.......

All banned!! :o

Mike K

I like the PNNL one. You could use it for every DOE site. How True.

Another I heard at 2 DOE sites.  "You cannot decon the shoe and remove the particle, until a supervisor TELLS you to."

DOE / NNSA mantra

Nuclear Operations - Conduct of Operations:
Striving for a Work Free Safe Zone

My favorite slogan from the DOE arena is "Start slow...Taper off!"

At (Insert favorite DOE site here), We continually almost acheive the relatively modest goals we set...... Not a slogan, A way of life.....


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