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--- Quote from: Atomic Archeologist on Dec 08, 2010, 03:35 ---If I were to tell you my number, how will that help answer my query?  However, I will allow that my use of the RO2 was mandated by my other meter being off-scale.

--- End quote ---

Your contact reading is probably wrong, but your one foot reading is close to right.  We can come up with a reasonable estimate of 'EN' crunching it thru a 6CEN.  (Yes, I know that we might have to do some guesswork about how it was packaged, if you did NOT open the package...I'm still not sure if this thing was meant to be buried, or...?)

We could also take your one foot reading and run it through an inverse square to estimate a true contact.  (If you opened the package?)

And, if you still cared at that point, you could compare the true to the observed and have a correction factor for the RO2.

And, you could crunch the same formulas using the info from your other meter, if you can remember what distance you went off-scale at...?


--- Quote from: Marssim on Dec 08, 2010, 12:57 ---oh yeah, this is just an exercise in splitting hairs with a jackhammer at this point,...

we need a higher order of tool(s) (HPGe and others) to do this scenario any justice,..... +K

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Considering the efficiency of an HPGe, I think we should probably go with a 4pi NaI, hooked up to a MCA.

How many hairs did I get there?




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