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--- Quote from: dtucker89 on Dec 02, 2010, 07:03 ---I appreciate the responses. I want to submit an interview expense form due to the 600+ mile drive. That's about $95 in gas for me. Glad you guys cleared that up for me.


--- End quote ---

Unfortunately, any company that asked you to drive 600+ miles for an interview (instead of flying you in) may fall into the second category of my original reply...  :(

Already Gone:
A round trip that costs $600 (figure $0.50/mile) is just stupid business.  It is almost always cheaper to fly and rent a car for any trip over 400 miles.  Not to mention that is is safer to fly than to drive.  They should have specified in advance what the terms for your travel expenses would be.  If they were really on the ball, they would have made the hotel, car, and plane reservations for you and paid for them.

Send in the form.  Frankly, if that expense scares them off just think what it will be like working for them.  Starbucks is the only place for bean counters.

It's just an interview for an AO position. I did not think that position would warrant ANY travel compensation. I was figuring that I could get maybe $100 dollars-ish for the round trip.

1. I haven't worked for any utilities previously.
2. The interview is for an AO position.

I think these two facts alone dictate that there is a pretty low budget for the reimbursement of travel fees.

I'd be happy with any reimbursement (refer to 1). I will submit the form, and thanks Beer and Buffalo: the advice is priceless.


Did they give you a reimbursement form?
If so submit it.

Otherwise call and ask BUT you should have discussed this with them prior to the interview.

They provided me with a form in the email invite to the interview.



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