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"- - - the board was informed that the Waste Superintendent admonished the RCT for stopping work - - - "


Brett LaVigne:

--- Quote from: roadhard on Dec 08, 2010, 08:09 ---SCWE?

"- - - the board was informed that the Waste Superintendent admonished the RCT for stopping work - - - "


--- End quote ---

I beat this drum pretty often...

RP has a legal obligation to enforce a code of Federal Regulations. To me, that means that there are legal consequences for the responsible ANSI qualified technician/supervisor overseeing the job if he/she is pushed to make consessions in controls and does. I do not believe that anyones word trumps mine in the field when there are radiological conditions to control. If pushed, I will stop all work in a very public manor and have this talk with those involved. If forced beyond that, I back out and let someone else take the responsibility. I also like to mention that if someone willfully disobeys RP direction, they may be violating a federal law.

In my experience, when you start using language like that it gets people to listen to you and take you seriously. This language is even more important in an Alpha contaminated area. It frustrates me to no end to have people argue with the controls that are prescribed by RP, Particularly when they are not RP folks.

You can not take exposure back. We work in a nuclear environment, so we do things the "nuclear way". The folks that argue for RP consessions and then continue to argue or start "shopping around" for the answer that they are looking for, have no business in our industry.

Amen Brother, Preach on!!!!

I agree with Brett 100%...

Oh my, here comes the negative Karma. 

I too agree with Brett, BUT, there is a limit to which that drum can be beat.  We have all seen the technician, and I have played the part too, where work is stopped unnecessarily in the name of "Radiological Safety" forcing a delay which eventually costs everyone dose. Remember, by definition the ALARA mantra carries the "as low as reasonably achievable" not "as low as possible".   While I don't know much about the evils of alpha I do know a little about the dose vs. schedule.  In my experience shutting the airlock door early by shortening the outage has had as much an impact on overall exposure and safety as any one single item.  There are times when letting the outage horse run between the curbs is appropriate and stopping work for the sake of stopping work causes more headaches then solutions.  Knowledge and power: it's a delicate balance.  If anyone figures it out - please share.


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