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While working at DC Cook, as a safety guy, I snapped a picture of a Bartlett employee wearing a STAR safety awareness vest.  In the background was FOG, the site coordinator.

I was just at the Bartlett website, and I noticed the picture made it into their 2010 Newsletter:


Third page, top right hand corner.

That can't be FOG. That guy is working. LOL


--- Quote from: CATCH22 on Dec 07, 2010, 12:53 ---That can't be FOG. That guy is working. LOL

--- End quote ---

Work = Force x distance

In a still photo, you can neither prove force nor distance.  That guy is dressed out, and in the field...  Perhaps someone forced him to go the distance.  Now THAT would be work. ;)

I know FOG. End of discussion.


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