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What percentage of workers are former navy?

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RG, are you one of the refugees that we picked up? :)

No Habla Engla?  Se, Habla Welfare Check!


had an FOB in 91 good guy but never seen high dose rates before in his life he did not want to go up on the Steam genny platfrom 100mr/ga  up there  :-\
asked him to do the platform survey( daily)  for the 1st. time . had to talk him through it on the head sets, then he never had any smears up there so he had to go back up. good grief and they paid him more than my Jr . tech .
of course we all learn  the trade in different places.oh and he had his eyes opend when I asked him do a bowl survey.


--- Quote from: ramdog_1 on Aug 19, 2004, 07:46 ---who has there best FOB story to tell, so many squids  so little time.
FOB = Fresh OFF the BOAT. Scary huh :D

--- End quote ---
It was the early 70's when I was in high school and seeing the classes ahead of me getting drafted and returning in body bags. Quite a thing to look forward to huh? So, before I even graduated I signed up to the Navy Nuclear Program. Yeah, Yeah, I know, but I was only 17 and the picture of the Submarine looked better then the picture of swabby's sitting in front of an electronic panel, Who knew? So it was a stint as a ELT aboard a Fast Attack doing espionage for the cold war. (Can I say that?). After Uncle Sams canoe club I went home and sent my Resume out and about. I got this call from some guy that said give Charlie a call at Numanco. I called this office and got routed to Chuck. I said "I was an ELT...." "You're hired, can you be in Florida for Crystal River?." " Well," I said " What is it I'm going to be doing?" Chuck said "I'll pay you $$$ plus expenses" "I WILL BE THERE!!!!!" I show up on Sunday and find my way to the Crystal Lodge where I am suppose to meet Chuck prior to starting on Monday. As I drive into the parking lot a see a room door open and several young people going in, I join the line and come up to a bearded fat man asking names. I give him mine and he gives me a check, "Whats this" I ask. "Advance per-diem" I didn't know what per-diem was. Then they pay me mileage!!!!. The next day I start and found out I was a Rent A Tech. ( I didn't know.) They give me a meter called a Teletector. (You mean I can stand 13 feet away to get a reading? I need to?) I found out a Rad Tech (RoadRat) does only one fifth the work of an ELT and gets paid ten TIMES the wage. Woooowhooo the dollor/fun ratio just got better and better.
It don't get better than this, and it never has.

The nuclear darkside consumes me

I don't remember his name but In 83 or there abouts I worked with a FOB at Davis Besse who made his own mask and wore a cape in containment. His moniker was Beta Man of course. He was fun to work with and entertained the workers with his beta vision. It should have been no surprise that when he took the MMPI that he had to make a trip to the Phyche.Was Beta Mans career over? No not at all, the trigger that called him up was that he was to happy, he was told that no one is this happy normally. His reply is that he just got out of the Navy, he was partying every night, he was making three times as much money as he did in the Navy for ridiculously easy work, and he was going to marry his childhood sweetheart in a couple of weeks. Back to work for Beta Man!!!!!


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