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What percentage of workers are former navy?

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 8)  Civilian here.

Some of us went right to work! when I was 18 I became a nuclear operator. NPO.
thats what happens when you get in debt , 2.5 dogs and one cat, and one ex old lady.

Roll Tide:
My favorite FOB story is not about dose / contamination levels!

Mike was in my NLO (Non-licensed Operator) class at PTN. He was actually on terminal leave from the canoe club when class started. The second week of class, Mike was standing outside by the Training Center at the smoking area. Someone yelled, "Where's your cover?" Mike immediately reached up to see if his dixie cup was in place, then realized he wasn't required to wear one anymore!

He hadn't lived it down when I left six years later, but he is now an excellent HPSS!

Too many Navy, how many are "real" sailors?  Coast Guard is where I come from and only two others I know of.

I took a tour of the NAUTILUS in new london does that count?


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