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What percentage of workers are former navy?

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20 Years Gone:
   While I did my 20 as a navy nuke, most of the guys in the I&C shop at Wolf Creek didn't.  There are Marines, Air Force, and Army.. Only 2 other guys in the shop are actually ex-navy nukes, and both have been out for a long time.  There are a lot of guys who are native kansans, who worked for either Daniels or Davis in the 80's during construction, and then came over to house around initial startup.  The guy who sits next to me flew bombers in Viet Nam. 
   And talk about longevity... I'm in the bunch that just got hired, (3 of us) but the Old-New-Guys (last to be hired in shop) have been there for 3 years, and it was around 7 years before that since they hired last.  I'll be here 5 years, and still be classified as the New-New guy. 
   I've learned that navy ET stuff is NOT I&C, but only the tip of that iceberg.  That's not too good.  On the positive side, however, is I was exposed to maintenance planning, supervision, mods, maintenance, mechanical, QA, ops, maintenance support, and certainly janatorial.  What navy-nuke isn't a quick study?  So, while I might be starting a little behind, I'll catch up quick.

Surface, Although I spent more time at S8G prototype than I did on the USS California.

100% Civilian since 1974. Closest I came to a nuclear sub was circling one in my boat in the Chesapeake Bay off the Naval Academy.

Worked with lots of FOBs, some good some bad. Still wonder if Bill S. has recurring nightmares about stepping off the boat into knee-deep resins in the Railcar Pit at Pilgrim. He lived through it and became a very good tech. Some others have not been quite so resiliant.

Same story as darkmatter. Did my eight years - ELT thing. I'm lounging around in Miami, not looking to do a thing...I get this phone call:
  - "Hi! I'm Chuck Pierce"....My response, "greaaat...who are you?"
  - "I'm the president of Numanco"...again "greaaat...what's Numanco?"

Two days later I'm on a plane to Green Bay. (Charlie could sell anything)
In those days, ELT meant immediate senior. So it's the first night of the outage...6 total techs on night shift. Some guy tells me " Write these RWP's, grab an RO-2 and head to the Gennie Plats."
  OK- RWP's I can figure out, but what's an RO-2 and what the *@#$ is a Jennyplatz?
- I was a dangerous boy for a couple of weeks.


--- Quote from: makua13 on Sep 05, 2004, 06:18 ---Too many Navy, how many are "real" sailors?  Coast Guard is where I come from and only two others I know of.

--- End quote ---


You're killing me here Grandpaw! :D


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