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What percentage of workers are former navy?

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Rock Chalk Jayhawk:
Navy, subs.

USS Carl Vinson
USS Dixon
USS Enterprise
After 10 years, including the last 3 doing an eight reactor refuel on the Enterprise, Uncle Billy decided to downsize, so I got out.  First outage was at Kewaunee.  Thought I had seen everything in NN Shipyard during that refueling, until I supported Mirror decon and got smears that pegged the meter.  Was told to get an RO-2 ion chamber.  Left there and went to SRS.  Got introduced to FP (Fast Peg), VFP (Very Fast Peg), and UTM (Untold Millions) alpha.
After 18 years of bouncing between DOE and commercial, finally got house at GG.  Of course that means I'll probably retire when I am 70, but it beats welfare.

When I started in the civilian nuclear world back in the 70's, we were almost all ex-Navy - except for one guy who came from the NSS Savanah and one from RPI.  Over the decades I would hazard a guess that our near dominance of the industry has shrunk to less than 40%.  A lot of schools and other training programs have turned out a lot of operators and technicians over the years.


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