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What is expected of a deconer at Palo Verde?

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I'm new to outages can anyone tell  me what is expected of a deconer at Palo Verde and the best places to stay

most people end up staying in goodyear which is about a 45 minute drive to the plant. you might be able to find housing in tonopah 5 min to the plant or even buckeye about 30 min to plant. but if you want any shopping center etc you will end up in goodyear anyhow. buckeye does have a wally world but thats about it. can you mop floors ? hang lead blankets ? clean up contaminated tools ? then your probably in good shape.

good luck !

i loved it there have fun

How can i get in as Decon at Palo Verde? any contacts.I have a degree in nuclear power plant operations...Please help if able

Try Bartlet Nuclear.


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