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Does anybody have an idea if you pass the mass/poss what the chances of getting an interview are.  Very good or just depends?  Do they typically interview all the people that pass since not many pass I guess would be my question?

It would make a difference in where you were applying.  Lots of openings equal lots of interviews.  And if it is in unpopular place probably smaller pool of people

If they brought you in for the test and you pass, you'll likely get an interview. I have seen some places interview on the spot after the test, so be ready.

To the merit of Mr. HEMI:

I live in Kentucky and drove to take a POSS/MASS for a utility in New York. When I asked about travel compensation, I was asked to wait a minute. The HR rep then asked if I wanted to do an interview. I completed the interview. But, I was also given the test one on one with the HR rep, and I had previously passed the POSS/MASS. I guess the company just didn't want me to have to travel back that far.


Thanks for the info.  I did not get interviewed right away, because they did not grade the test until the next day.  I was hoping that a pass on the test would at least lead to an interview.  I have a limited time to get a job in that I am a high school chemistry/physics teacher and am looking to move into nuclear.  I must be able to get hired in the spring/early summer or I'm out of luck as I must sign a contract with the school.


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