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Grand Beta:
Grand Gulf has posted 5 Sr. RP Tech positions at Entergy.com under careers.

What is it like working at Grand Gulf?  How is the commute?



--- Quote from: jams723 on Feb 12, 2011, 01:05 ---What is it like working at Grand Gulf?  How is the commute?
--- End quote ---

Compared to a Swift Kick in the Testical.....Not Bad!

Commute....I knew a tech who was traveling 60 minutes each way, but he's not there anymore!

Apparently several aren't there anymore!

Happy Hunting.....RG!

Duke Nuker:
I was a house tech there back in the late eighties.  The commute isn't too bad.  I lived in Vicksburg and carpooled with other techs on my shift.  It was a great place to get started as an RP.  I learned a lot when I was there.  It is like anywhere else, I suppose. You get out of it what you put into it.


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