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Facebook or NukeWorker?

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I was surprised to hear that some folks visit NukeWorker more than they do Facebook, so I thought I'd throw this poll up for fun.

Reminder: You can find us on Facebook too.

I don't have facebook anymore and it wouldn't matter anyhow.  I frequent Nukeworker more regardless...  ;)

retired nuke:
nukeworker is fun, and I've been on it longer.

facebook is for so many other parts of my life - kids, Scouting, sports, old friends, etc.

It's almost a draw..... and I'm not talking total time, just current use...

I really appreciate both!


I marked "other". I actually spend more time on "backyard chickens" and gardening sites then facebook or nukeworker. Figure I'll need something tangible for my retirement, the government and Wall Street are dead set to see I'm in the poorhouse with no money for food, utilities, or fuel. I'm hoping to upgrade from that refridgerator box under the overpass for retirement to a converted Cargo Container out in the boonies.

That was easy. Never been on Facebook. Don't plan to.


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