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does anyone know Bruce Power's Nuclear Operator in Training - NOIT


hi all

I recently applied the Bruce Power's NOIT and am waiting for response. this is my first time to apply this type of job. I am currently studying power engineering in the college. I did have a bachelor degree of bachelor degree in mechanical engineer.

I was wondering if anyone has the same experience and could share some info, such as the interview or telephone interview, exam, how would they contact me if they want to give me a chance.

any idea could be appreciated and thanks in advance,


They will contact you via email, if you applied online, should you be selected for an interview.  I do not know the specifics of what they will interview you on, but it will be a "behaviour based" interview so have some specific examples of how you handled situations in the past where you had difficult decisions to make etc.

hi stormgoalie

thanks for the advice. I am preparing the interview right now and was told they will give a exam firstly. if I pass that, the interview may come. is that true?


As I do not currently work for Bruce Power, I work for the other major utility,  I do not know their exact hiring process, but yes they could test you and use that as a way to cull the applicants.  Best of luck!!!



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