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Hypothetical question here.  Does dose you receive working overseas count towards your 5 Rem/yr allowed here in the USA?  Is it voluntary or manditory to disclose such info?

If you look at the total dose of the workers at the plant. Contractors as opposed to plant people have picked up the most dose. My biggest fear of going to Japan is being viewed as a disposable foreigner and being used as a dose spong. Now at my advanced age that is not an issue, but are they going to allow me 25 REM as they do the other workers? Certainly. I would need a years worth of pay for 3 months of work. Personally I will wait until they have unit 3 and 4 SFPs under control, which are still "critical" with heat and hydrogen explosion issues. This may take months. Friday I applied for a passport and picked up Rosetta Stone level 1 Japanese...just in case someone wants to meet my demands. Anyway, that is just my opinion.

Hopefully they get back to their normal 10 Rem/yr limit fairly soon. 

Don't forget your immunizations. :'(


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