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Bill Conant


I am a coworker of Bill's @ SRS and we received news today of his brain surgery for recurring neck problems he has been fighting for quite some time. This is second hand news through our manager so pardon me please for any errors in translation.

Bill had surgery today @ the VA hospital @ Fort Gordon in Augusta Ga. According to his wife Gwen he had a tennis ball size tumor removed from his brain. The tumor was sent to a lab for testing and no results as of yet. The doctor who performed the surgery seems to believe the tumor is malignant. Please pray that it isn't and let's hope for the best.
I have known Bill since my junior rent-a-tech days when I worked @ Hatch where he was a house tech for years. He just got hired on house here @ SRS about a year ago and this news hit hard among us... He is such a great person and a super H.P. tech.
If you know Bill please pull for him and keep him and his family in your prayers!

Rick B

My prayers go out to Bill and also to his wife Gwen.  I have known Bill since 2003 when we were both working at TNX (677 and 678-T.)  He is a great freind and a great man.  I am pullling for you man. 

God Bless,


Bill is one of the best people in the business.  At SRS he always has a kind word and bright smile. 

Have not gotten any new info about Bill yet ...... will try to find hout how he is doing today.
will get back with something soon I hope, If anyone else has news please share.


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