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Silly Question: Shooting

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--- Quote from: GNowakowski on Apr 04, 2011, 11:44 ---I don't carry - nor care much about handguns.

I shoot with the NW 1000 yd. club here in NW MT.  I shoot a .300 WSM Krieger style barrel and a modified M70 action.
I REALLY enjoy reloading.  I hand reload of course, and used to turn my own bullets; and moved on to
forging BTSP's in lead... Maybe someday I'll mess around with electroplating some forges (now I buy higher BC Hornady's).
As far as hunting goes - I doubt I'll shoot any deer bigger then the ones I've already shot here.

Thanks for the info though guys.  I very much appreciate, all of your responses.


--- End quote ---
I hope for your sake that you don't end up in San Diego then. Buying ammo here now requires the same tracking system as guns. And the roads suck, but that's irrelevant.

New York wasn't bad for Deer though. I was in a group of hunters and one guy had a .300 much like that one and shot a bear while we were Deer Hunting on the opening day of rifle season.

I'll never forget hearing his voice come over our headset with that news as we could here the MARF announcements in the background of where he was.
Good times........

My rifle wouldn't be legal in California.  I hope I don't end up in San Diego either - but then I'd be near some family.  I suppose I could hit some nice mountain bike trails down there to make up for it.  

Bear hunting really is a kick!  I haven't shot a good sized one yet; but I really enjoy stalking.  Stalking both bear, and lion really feels great.  It really gives you that supreme predator feeling.  In Glacier I've been out pretty far on grizzly trails - and found what I was looking for.  Sometimes your supreme predator feeling quickly melts - you don't feel like a bada$$ once they catch a glimpse of you.  Real predators can be kind of humbling, but there is no better feeling than toppling that very sense onto its head.  

There is something primal about tracking that I do love.  I also love shooting - but to be honest hunting has always been more about whether or not the freezer is full.  Some years I'll go with some great guide friends of mine, and I'll hold secondary in case a "dude" with a parrallux thinks he can take a silly shot.  When I was quite young Montana passed a law (supposedly to stop disease from spreading) which required Elk farms to be downsized.  It basically was done to push most of the farms out of business.  In one fall my Dad and I, helped with the harvest.  I'll never forget those days, and it changed my outlook on the difference between "sport" and "hunting".  Ever since I haven't been to big into the "sport".  Don't misunderstand - I still do hunt.

I do love shooting, and so I get out every couple weekends to give some good squeezes.  I like getting a few good loads together and marking things up.  Sometimes I'll take the 30-30 out and have some fun "plinking" but its more rare these days, I found a pretty accurate load some time ago with it - and anything else just feels eroneous to shoot out of its lost some of its fun as far as a target gun.  Shooting the old Remington .22 is great - but obviously I don't reload for the rimfire's and I don't enjoy it quite as much because of it.

What size of bear did your friend shoot in New York?  Was the .300 he was shooting a traditional WM or was it a short action like mine?  Have you ever done any deer hunting outside of NY?  

OMG 2 wordy guys in one thread.... I am not sure we have the band width. :P

This may be blasphemy but if you really like to shoot the answer is obvious--USMC +K


--- Quote from: wingnut on Apr 05, 2011, 01:30 ---This may be blasphemy but if you really like to shoot the answer is obvious--USMC +K

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lmao I was just thinking that lol


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