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I work in a French, typical nuclear power plant P ' 4, 1400MW, (EDF, Belleville on the Loire).
I occupy the post of account manager and projects in the service tries(essays). We handle periodic tries(essays) as the measure of debit(flow) of air(sight) of the systems of ventilation(breakdown), measures of characteristics of pumps either still neutronic tries(essays) (physical tries(essays) of restart, tries(essays) of recalage of the chaines of external neutronic measures and systems of protection).
I shall like knowing if there is an equivalent service in the organization of nuclear power plants in the USA?


nobody know where i can find this information ?



--- Quote from: JPM on May 07, 2011, 09:47 ---Hello,

nobody know where i can find this information ?


--- End quote ---

Your original posting made no sense in English. Perhaps a European industry group could answer your question in regard to the UK, and a contact there in the UK could refer you to a similar US corporation?

I agree, HydroDave, it makes no sense.

JPM, would you please resend your message, and try to specify which is your position at Belleville NPP, and what was the original question.
I assume you're working in a Engineering Group.

I worked a long time with peers from EdF here in Germany.


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