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--- Quote from: alphadude on Jan 19, 2004, 06:53 ---Yes everthing does count, but if you report it, they interview you and make you sign extra documents etc. We had someone denied because of an incident that happened 18years prior.. that was for an "L" .  He didnt report the info so DOE was not happy.  If you have "flags" on your forms, it will take the full 6months or longer to get cleared.  The "Men in Black" guys will interview your neighbors and all that may know you.    If no flags.. you never see the Men In Black.

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So I am going for an L Clearance, are interviews from the Men in Black a given???  Because for my TSCI Polygraph Top Secret Clearance, the interviews got crazy & they wanted to see my employee file from my current employer etc which alerting my current HR person puts my current job at risk?? Any feedback if interviews are mandatory with the L Clearance process would be helpful.

Yes, the interviews are mandatory.  Reference & developed reference interviews: Employers, family, neighbors, school teachers, friends.


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